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Hypokalemia symptoms

Hypokalemia can lead to different symptoms in any given case. The following are several possibilities, however, keep in mind that simply having one or more of these symptoms does not mean that an individual does necessarily have the condition. Additionally, not having any of these symptoms (or even simply not realizing them) does not necessarily mean that the patient does not have hypokalemia.

Below are some of the possible symptoms, with brief information or descriptions about them:

Cardiac arrhythmias

This phrase is used to collect a group of different conditions where the heart has abnormal electrical activity. It does not mean that the heart beat is irregular, although it can be, it can also be regular. The speed of the heart beat may be either fast or slow as compared to normal. In some cases of cardiac arrhythmias, they can be medical emergencies and a life-threatening situation.

High blood pressure

Also known as hypertension, in this condition the blood pressure of the patient is elevated in a chronic manner. High blood pressure is either primary or secondary in classification. In primary (also called essential), there is no known medical cause that explains the elevation in blood pressure. In secondary, another condition, for instance kidney disease, seems to have led to the hypertension.

Muscle pain - myalgia

Muscle pain is a symptom found in numerous medical conditions, including a simple overuse or misuse of the muscles. Aside from hypokalemia, additional causes of it can include different nutritional deficiencies, viral infections (and other types of infection), autoimmune disease, injury, metabolic defects, and medications, as well as other issues.

Muscle spasms

A spasm is when a muscle (or group of them) suddenly contracts, in an involuntary way. Most muscle spasms are considered, in and of themselves, to be harmless. The can typically last up to a few minutes. Tetany (not the same medical condition as tetanus) is a form of spasm.

Other potential symptoms

Various other symptoms can be present in the case of hypokalemia. Additionally, the underlying causes of the issue can in some cases have their own symptoms.